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Covid-19 Update Message

Dear Customer,

In light of recent events, we understand more than ever the importance that online shopping has taken on in our lives.  We also grasp the importance of attempting to continue with a sense of normalcy and purpose as much as possible--both in our personal and professional lives, whether it be a professional design project or a home project that we hope to complete. We are striving to make the online shopping experience as pleasant and efficient as possible during this time.

We are currently offering the following to assist our customers with their online purchases:

*15% off all purchases sitewide along with free shipping with code SALE15.

*An extended return window from 15 days to 30 days, until further updated.

We are a small family owned business, and our goals remain the same as always--to do all that we can to provide dedicated and passionate customer service and to assist you in creating spaces that you truly love to live in. 

-Centuria Vintage