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About Us

My love and passion for beautiful vintage objects began at an early age. Growing up, my Mother was a pioneer of all things vintage before it was a trend. She was an antique dealer and restorer of old homes in one of Atlanta's oldest neighborhoods, Inman Park.  My earliest memories are of the Victorian house of my childhood and of the many intriguing places visited alongside her in pursuit of the objects that would fill its rooms. Here in the South, this search for and appreciation of old things is born out of our obsession with the past, history, and our slant towards a style that is classic. We want our spaces to tell a story and make a statement, timeless and well-made enough to keep for many years and to pass down. CENTURIA was created to celebrate that very essence--great style throughout the ages. Beautiful, well-made pieces which are a blend of both vintage and new, always with timeless, iconic style in mind.


 NATALIE HOOD VICENS, OWNER OF CENTURIA: Interior Decorator, Avid Traveler, Antique Collector. Natalie believes that there is so much more than meets the eye when it comes to iconic style, especially great Southern style. You may see hints of the places where she has lived and visited in the vignettes she compiles for Centuria Vintage, from visits to Morocco to years lived abroad in Seville, Spain and the Caribbean.